RyDE Import Started

Begin transferring of registry data to Uniregistry

October 29, 2019 09:18:00

Uniregistry received the RyDE – RegistrY Data Escrow deposit file – and completed preliminary checks to ensure a secure and complete transmission from the current registry operator.

At this time, Uniregistry is loading the RyDE deposit into its registry database. The exact import process has been tested multiple times during the last two months and is expected to complete within two hours.

There is no expected impact to any regular Uniregistry operations, especially to other services or instances of our registry.

As part of the process, Uniregistry will copy all registry objects including contacts, domains, host and reserved names to its database, preserving their respective historic data as provided in the RyDE.

After the import process has been completed, Uniregistry will perform a number of quality checks to ensure that the transferred data is correct and reliably represents the whole state of the registry prior to the transition.