RyDE Import Completed

Uniregistry has completed data import

October 29, 2019 10:52:00

Uniregistry completed the RyDE – RegistrY Data Escrow deposit file – data import and associated testing. Results were as expected and all objects were migrated correctly.

Due to the handling of contact identifiers in the Uniregistry platform, some contact identifiers have been folded to an all-lowercase representation or replaced with a completely new identifier. Uniregistry will send a detailed communication to our partner registrars with the specific details.

At this point, Uniregistry is performing scheduled changes to the DNS publication and DNSSEC signing pipeline so that DNS zone data is sourced from its newly imported copy of registry database.

Uniregistry is also updating the IP addresses of the RDDS services on the DNS. This will cause query traffic to gradually reach Uniregistry’s servers.

These tasks are scheduled to complete within 20 minutes or less.